The Great British Public Toilet Map

The Great British Public Toilet Map

About The Toilet Map

What Is The Great British Public Toilet Map?

The Great British Public Toilet Map helps people to find their nearest public toilet.

It uses ‘open data’ provided by the local councils.

What Is Open Data?

‘Open data’ can be accessed via the internet. Anyone can download or re-use it.

It is also machine-readable. It can be used in computer programs to make websites and apps.

Finally, open data is free to use.

Why are there toilets missing?

The map displays over 250 toilets, but not all councils publish open data.

Clicking on the council will tell you if they publish open data, or let you contact them to ask them to do so.

When we began only Brent published data. We now have 8 London councils participating, with 11 others that have been contacted by people using the map.

If the council’s data is wrong or missing a toilet, please tell us and we’ll pass it on.

Great British? It’s just London!

London London London. Always bloody London.

We’re sorry. This began as a trial and we had to start somewhere.

London had more toilets, data, people, and The Olympics.

Also, Mayor Boris has promised open data for the Tube’s toilets! That’ll help loads of us.

About 30 other councils in the UK publish open data about toilets. We’ll be adding that over the next few months.

Why are loos in cafés shown?

Toilets in cafés, shops, pubs and restaurants are only shown if they’re part of a council’s Community Toilet Scheme.

What’s a Community Toilet Scheme?

A community toilet scheme is made up of businesses that let anyone use their loo without having to buy anything.

In return, the business receive a grant from the council.

Public buildings like libraries and town halls are sometimes listed as well.

Contact Us

Your comments, questions, ideas, criticisms and help are very welcome!


Address: Gail Ramster, Helen Hamlyn Centre for Design, Royal College of Art, London, SW11 1DW

Info for Councils

Have you had emails from people asking that you publish your open data?

If you’re now providing data, or would like give us an update, email us and we’ll add it to the site.

If you already have a list of toilets or map on the council website, then you have the information needed to create the data – location, opening hours, type of facilities provided…

Providing this as open data means that information across all councils can be combined, and added to apps and maps, like this one, that are designed around the individual’s needs, and which will update automatically when your data is changed.

We think that if more people know where public toilets are, then the facilities become safer, anti-social behaviour reduces, and the value of the public service goes up.

For help creating or publishing data, please get in touch. You could also look at the GLA’s open data standard for toilet data, or at the datasets published by other councils (Brent, Wandsworth, Lambeth, Camden, Waltham Forest, Sutton…)

We’ve tried our best to make sure emails from the public reach the right person at the council. If you’d like us to contact a different person, please let us know.

More About The Map?

The Great British Public Toilet Map is an idea that came out of a research project called TACT3, by Jo-Anne Bichard and Gail Knight. Jo-Anne and Gail work at the Royal College of Art Helen Hamlyn Centre for Design, a centre for people-centered design research.

A consortium of universities have worked on other aspects of TACT3, which looked at ways to help older people to managed continence concerns. It is part of a seven-year research programme called New Dynamics of Ageing, which has been cross-funded by five research councils.

Gail manages The Great British Public Toilet Map. She has a blog called 'Public Toilets and..' and is also on Twitter. The graphic design is by Jo Glover and the web developers are Neontribe.

More about Toilets

If you’d like to know more about Public Toilets:

We’ve written Publicly Accessible Toilets: An Inclusive Design Guide [opens a PDF].

Please get in touch if you’d like a free hard copy – we have a box of them to get rid of.

There’s also list of toilet-related links on Gail’s blog, ‘Public Toilets and…’.

You can email us too, of course:

What's next for The Map

There are lots of things we’d like the map to do, such as:

  • Make it nationwide.
  • Show all publicly accessible toilets (like those in Tesco), not just those managed by councils.
  • Let people add and correct toilet data, then pass it on to the data provider.
  • Colour-code the arrows to show the different types of toilet.
  • Have details about each toilet pop-up on the map page.
  • Link the data to OpenStreetMap.
  • Search by toilet type, such as ‘wheelchair accessible’ or ‘open now’.
  • Have better data about each toilet, e.g. step-free, or a photo of it.
  • Let people print out an area map with toilet details.
  • Let people leave ratings and reviews, like Trip Advisor for Toilets.
  • Let people report real-time problems – “door lock broken”.

But we need time, funding, help, and data. If you can offer any of these, please get in touch.

Privacy Policy

We ask for your email address and send it to the council so that the council can write back to you.

We will also send you an email a few weeks later to ask whether you have heard from the council.

This is so that we can add any updates to the website to let other people know what’s going on.

We will never provide or publish your name or use your email for any other purposes.



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Public Toilets in London

The London Assembly Health and Public Services Committee has published a report into the availability of information about public toilets in London.

The report references a standard for the publication of data relating to toilets, with more information available at

This site consumes data in that standard format, the specification for which is available for download:

Specification in Excel format

Specification in CSV format


The Great British Public Toilet Map was built by Neontribe, based on a design by Jo Glover.

The Great British Public Toilet Map

Contact Us

If you would like to get in touch for any reason, please email us at

Let us know if you think something is not working or needs to be fixed. We’d also love to hear from you if you have any feedback or ideas for the site, or if you think some of the data could be better.

This website is managed by:

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The Great British Public Toilet Map

The Great British Public Toilet Map

The Great British Public Toilet Map


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The Great British Public Toilet Map

Help: Using The Map

Explore the map by searching for a location, or by using the zoom and pan buttons. Street addresses and postcodes make good starting points.